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0-60 in 9,6 seconds. 114 mph 5 speed box. Breathtaking mid-range acceleration. Superb handling an roadholding.

Driving a TR7 is like going into orbit.

Sadly though, it will soon be a blast off from the past. Because after this Autumn, the TR7 will no longer made. So it's already a collector's item and the countdown has startet. For availability see your local Triumph dealer today, or telefon the TR7 hotline on 021 - 799 - 2296.

And right now your dealer could offer you an astronomical trade-in deal. Plus he'll give you details of a TR7 competition that's out of this world.

You could win a fortnight's holiday for two in Florida, USA, flying by Concorde, staying in a first class hotel and including a trip to Cape Canaveral.

So take off in a TR7 and by the time you come down to earth again, you could be at the most famous launch pad in the world.


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